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thechic-alien-stoner asked:

how do I tell my boyfriend that I want him to be my daddy dom?

Aside from screaming fuck me daddy as you are having sex and hoping for the best i would suggest you Have a chat with him, introduce him to things you like. Do it in a relaxed way and see if he is interested. Tumblr would be a great place to start as it’s not too intimidating of a place to people who don’t know much about the lifestyle. Browse through Daddy/babygirl blogs and other things you like and have fun getting horny as you do. Good luck and let me know how you get on.

tattfairy asked:

As a Dom, what do you enjoy more... 1. Watching your sub play with herself 2. Watching another sub play with her 3. Just getting in there yourself ;) Just curious to hear what differeny Doms like :) Thanks!

In the mood im in now I would say number 2.

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