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Anonymous asked:

Daddy found out I touched myself last night, so he spanked me with the silver balls inside me but didn't let me cum, and now I have to walk around with a butt plug, a vibrator inside me, and a vibrator on my cilt for two days, and if I cum he will have to punish me further, but I'm not good with holding it and I'm scared daddy will punish me hard, but I'm also extremely turned on ohh

Then you should of listened to Daddy shouldn’t you.

A tough decision

 It’s a tough call but i think i may be bringing my page to a close. I have quite a lot going on in my life at the moment that is requiring most of my energy and thought. I have built up quite a following on here and had such a great response from you wonderful people so it’s a really hard decision. I have some serious thinking to do.


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